Our Order of Worship

Because we believe that God created us for worship, the way worship corporately is an important matter. The goal of all worship is to honor God and magnify Jesus. Christians have been thinking about worship for centuries. Our corporate worship is shaped by Scripture and informed by how saints before us have worshiped. Everything that happens during corporate worship communicates God’s grace and our response of gratitude to God’s grace. Hymns, prayers, responsive readings and everything that is said must point to God. This is our celebration of what God has done in Jesus Christ. There is variation between services, but underlying pattern and principles are the same. Below are service elements that you would ordinarily see (a brief explanation of how this celebrates God is forthcoming).

Call to Worship
Opening Prayer
Opening Hymn
God’s Greeting
Mutual Greeting
Call to Confession
Prayer of Confession
Assurance of Forgiveness
God’s Will for Our Lives
Hymns of Praise
Verse of the Month
Prayer for our Offering
Congregational Prayer
Hymn of Preparation
Prayer for the Spirit’s Help
Scripture Reading
Prayer of Response
Hymn of Response
Holy Communion
Affirmation of Faith (Creed or Confession)
Parting Blessing (Benediction)