If you’re thinking about becoming a member at Ocean View CRC, that’s great! Depending on where you are in your faith journey, the process will look a little different.

Becoming a church member for the first time
You’ve recently become a Christian or have never been a member of a church before. Then becoming a member at Ocean View will have four main steps. First, we invite you to speak to the pastor about the next class for new members. This class covers the basics of Christian faith, Reformed distinctives and the mission of our congregation. The second step is an interview with our elders. This is an opportunity for the elders to learn you story and faith in Jesus Christ. The third step is public profession of your faith and celebration of your joining. This is typically done during one of our morning worship services. If you have never been baptized, you would be baptized at this time. The fourth step is getting involved and growing as a disciple!

Transferring from another church
If you’ve been a member elsewhere, we are happy to receive you into our fellowship. We ask that your previous church sends a letter stating that you were a member in good standing and they send you with their blessing. You would then have a conversation with our elders about joining.

Transferring from another Christian Reformed or Presbyterian church
If you are a member of another Christian Reformed congregation or a church from a sister denomination, the elders would love to meet with you to discuss your transfer of membership.