Global Missions

As a church, we are committed to seeing the gospel spread throughout the world. For this reason, we support global mission work. Every year, for a 7-week period (starting the Sunday after Easter until Pentecost Sunday), our church focuses on praying and promoting the work of missionaries in different countries. We support missionaries that work with Resonate Global Mission. There are over 200 missionaries and partners who spread the good news of Jesus Christ around the world. Our church supports the work of Resonate mission agency as whole.

Liam and Jessica Starkenburg: our missionaries who have been working with Resonate Global Mission in Managua, Nicaragua since July 2000. Liam has been the director of the International campus of the Nicaragua Christian Academy (NCA). The academy seeks to “equip children of Christian parents the spiritual discernment, the moral courage, and the academic excellence to impact society through Christian living motivated by a heartfelt love for God.” To learn more about the ministry of the Starkenburgs, check out their page on Resonate’s website.

Africa Inland Missionaries: we support a missionary family that work under Africa Inland Mission in Ontario, Canada. They have a robust outreach ministry to refugees coming from East Africa. They provide English-as-second language classes, tutoring, painting and other ministries of mercy. Many of them coming from a majority Muslim country. The family has received multiple death threats. We are not able to publish their names for security reasons. Ocean View has been supporting this missionary family since 2001.