Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does ‘Reformed’ mean? Is it like a reform school?
We get this question a lot! We do not specialize in ministry to juvenile delinquents like reform schools. The word ‘Reformed’ can be a little confusing, but it simply means that our historical roots go back to the Protestant Reformation in western Europe back in the 16th century. The Reformation was about restoring the church to be in line with what the Bible teaches. We’re similar to Presbyterians, but with Dutch influences.

Q. Do you have a nursery?
Yes! We have two people who serving in nursery during the morning service. The adult volunteers all pass a criminal background check.

Q. There is a hurricane, a nor'easter or some other inclement weather out there, are you open?
In cases of severe weather conditions, we follow the closings of the Norfolk Naval Station. When only essential personnel are required to report, then we cancel scheduled meetings. Follow the announcements on local television and radio. Check for information on the city’s Emergency Preparedness and Response department. We advise safety, please consult weather forecasts before deciding your travel plans.

Q. How can I hear your sermons?
If you have missed a sermon or would like to listen to an old one, the sermons preached from our pulpit are available on our website. These sermons can also be accessed from There are convenient apps for iOS and Android.

Q. Did Dr. Edwin Palmer preach at your church?
We are delighted to host the recorded sermons by the late Dr. Edwin H. Palmer. Dr. Palmer did not preach at Ocean View, but one of his sons does. Dr. Palmer (1922-1980) was the executive secretary for the New International Version (NIV) Committee on Bible Translation (CBT). He was also the first general editor of the NIV Study Bible. In addition to his work with the NIV Bible, Dr. Palmer wrote The Five Points of Calvinism and The Holy Spirit: His Person and Ministry.” He served several Christian Reformed churches and loved to preach God’s Word. The recordings found on our site are from cassette tapes made in the 1970-1980s.

You can find some worship related questions in the Sunday Worship section.