God Knows Best?

In a Wall St. Journal article, “Deformities Shadow Gene-Editing Research,” [https://www.wsj.com/articles/deformities-alarm-scientists-racing-to-rewrite-animal-dna-11544808779], Preetika Rand and Lucy Craymer explore the complexity of DNA and unintended consequences. “Even the genes that we think we know very well, there is a lot to learn” according to a DNA scientist at the John Hopkins University. They deleted one single amino acid to lighten the color of the cow’s hide so that cows could more easily be raised in hot climates. Both calves died. In another, they tweaked one gene to change the color of sheep’s wool, and 75% of the sheep aborted their lambs. The scientists tweaked another gene to make the rabbits leaner, and 41% ended up having enlarged tongues. They still do not know the correlation. Supposedly they are safe to eat. Other issues are lambs that are too big to be born naturally so that ewes have to have a caesarean section. Or extra bones in the spinal column.

Father, thank you for knowing best and making everything perfect from the beginning. Amen