Easter as History

The Wall St. Journal published yesterday “the Easter Effect, an excellent article by George Weigel.  He asks how did 11 men convert 1/4 to 1/2 of the Roman Empire to Christianity in three hundred years?  He writes “There is no accounting for the rise of Christianity without weighing the revolutionary effect on those nobodies of what they called “the Resurrection”: their encounter with the one whom they embraced as the Risen Lord, whom they first knew as the itinerant Jewish rabbi, Jesus of Nazareth, and who died an agonizing and shameful death on a Roman cross outside Jerusalem. As N.T. Wright, one of the Anglosphere’s pre-eminent biblical scholars, makes clear, that first generation answered the question of why they were Christians with a straightforward answer: because Jesus was raised from the dead.”

We will be discussing this article in the next several days.