Council Members
  • Rev. Petr Kornilov
  • Mr. Efren Echipare
  • Mr. Glenn Palmer
  • Mr. David Gross
  • Mr. Nathanael Palmer


Church Structure and Leadership

Ocean View CRC is governed by a presbyterian form of government.  We have the church council (which is composed of the pastor, the elders and the deacons) and within that council is the church consistory (which is composed of the pastor and the elders). Our pastor is a member of the council by virtue of his call to the ministry. 

There are currently two elders and two deacons on Ocean View CRC's council.  Elders and deacons are elected by the congregation to serve three-year terms.  Elections are usually held in September of each year. Except for the pastor, our church council members serve on a voluntary basis.

The council meets once a month, generally on the first Tuesday of the month.  Meetings are open to the congregation unless matters of church discipline are being discussed.  In addition to the regular council meeting, the pastor and elders usually have a meeting of the consistory every other month.   Please let an elder or deacon know in advance if you wish to speak at a meeting so that your name can be placed on the agenda.

Updated: October 2016

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